The Great Pittsburgh Scavenger Hunt: Chapter 2

Oscar opened his eyes and began to rise. The church was still as silent as a graveyard in the dead of night. Oscar realized the clue to the next location was still in his hand. He quickly opened the envelope and read the new clue:

“Very few know that I am here

Angels guard me from evil

Nothing can stop His arrival

Karma comes to the wicked

And I will watch with glee.”

Oscar was very confused as to where to go with this one. It sounded like another church, but where could it be? There were so many churches here that if Oscar didn’t figure this out soon, he would be searching the city for hours. Then, something connected with Oscar. He looked at the first letter of each of the lines and realized that this was a name he had heard before. ‘VANKA’. He quickly plugged the name into his phone. The first result said: “SAVE THE VANKA MURALS”. The images showed several murals and Oscar realized that this has to be the place. He found the name of the church, St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church, and plugged it into his GPS. He left the church he was currently in and ran back to his car. Once he got back, he paid his fee and exited the parking lot. The road to St. Nicholas was filled with windy roads that were almost as thin as a grain of wheat. Within a half hour, he had made it to the parking lot of the church. He quickly ran inside and gazed at the immaculate images on the walls and ceilings. The church almost came to life with pictures. Oscar was met with the eyes of the divine. Oscar walked with caution down the center aisle of the church. He was slightly frightened by the eyes on the wall. He felt like the angels were watching every step that he took. The one that got to him the most was the angel in the back corner, known as Injustice. The angel’s eyes followed him for pew to pew like he was a damned escaped from Hell itself. Oscar approached the tabernacle at the north end of the church. It was open and an envelope sat on the inside. He quickly grabbed the envelope and sprinted out of the church. While St Patrick’s church had offered him warmth and comfort, this church gave him an overwhelming sense of dread and fear. When he got back to his car, he opened the envelope and read the next clue:

“Bikes on bikes you will find

But only one contains the clue

From a movie long forgotten

‘Tell them Large Marge sent ya’”

Oscar pulled out his phone and googled bike shops. It turns out there was one relatively close by him. He drove there within ten minutes. He entered the building and was met with row upon row of bicycles from a variety of years. Oscar thought he would never find the clue and spent at least an hour rummaging through bikes to no avail. He made it upstairs and the clue finally hit him. Right in the front, there was a bike from the movie “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”. Oscar loved that movie as a kid and realized that the clue had quoted the movie. In the basket of the bike was another envelope. Oscar snatched it and was on his way. He had no idea that he was being watched.

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